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Nestled in the Southern Appalachians, near the Great Smokey Mountains, Cerren Ered has been a center for Spirituality, Magick, Paganism, and the Occult for over 20 years.

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May Moon Magick 2017 – Registration is now OPEN!

March 13, 2017

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Cerren Ered Gatherings | Wheel of the Year 2017: Connection

March 11, 2017

Our gatherings this year are going to focus on different aspects of Connection: how we connect and why we are connected. Each of the three gatherings will have a different…

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May Moon Magick | May 11 – 14th, 2017

March 11, 2017
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Magical... Is the only word to describe this place. No matter your path, you will find guideposts here. Make friends with Dragons and you may never leave!

The first time I visited the Land, was a potent and powerful experience. Of course the magickal Beings I encountered had much to do with that, as did the Earth Sanctuary I treaded upon with humble feet... Even when I went home to California, portals were opening in my garden from the Woods of Cerren Ered, calling to me... Later I moved there, (several years ago), and there, parts of my Being unfolded and awoke from a deep slumber. There were many doors to my experience. To this day, I know what elemental power resides in that valley, and I am grateful, to any and all Keepers of the Land(s). Love Always, Maya ☆♡☆

I love going here. It's the most calming place I've ever known. I can be stressing and pull into those gates and I'm total calm. My stress level drops fast. Everyone there are so welcoming that I feel that I've known them my entire life and I'm working on my second year. It's the best feeling place and awesome place to bring your children. And not to mention the food, it's great. And if you love bacon make sure that D.J. knows this. He is a great cook and loves to put bacon on everything.

In 2013 I moved in to help take care of my dear friend Gaelan of Skye aka: Dudley Campbell.. in 2014 he asked me to go with him to the smokey's to an event called May Moon. It was my first time to Cerren Ered and he introduced me to so many wonderful people. People who to this day treat me as if I was long lost family. We love spending time with our friends. My friendship with DJ, Dawn Raven, Jewels, Unky Dave, Solitaire, Patty...the list just goes on and on..are friendships I treasure every day. Thank you for everything. The Druid has healed so much thanks to the love you have given him. CE is the only place he can sleep peacefully without his breathing machine. Its pure magic!

A beautiful mountain retreat. A place where you can truly step into another world and leave the mundane behind. I have not visited in several years but I have only fond memories.

The bionic rebuilding of these bridges both literal and figurative is miraculous!

Oh, it's OK I guess....if you like AWESOME!  Don't miss visiting if you have the opportunity. A very special place filled with magickal and creative folks who care for the land and the spirits which reside there. Come with an open heart and an open mind! 

I fell in love with C.E. on my first visit there in the early 90's (Thanx Birch & WillowAnne!! ) ~ Those Magical Mountains set my Spirit free & it is & always will be my true home... I miss C.E. & all of the beautiful people there & I hold so many beautiful, blessed, & truly magical memories in my heart & Soul from all my time spent there  - I'm so grateful that all of us kindred spirits have been given a place to share with one another. Thank You!! And Much Love, Light, & Many Blessings to All of you Beautiful Creatures  )O(