Cerren Ered Gatherings | Wheel of the Year 2017: Connection

Our gatherings this year are going to focus on different aspects of Connection: how we connect and why we are connected. Each of the three gatherings will have a different lens to view these concepts. May Moon Magick will be Weaving the Web, Harvest Homecoming will be Our Story, and Samhain Nights will be With the Ancestors.
Weaving the Web will dance for our connections to each other. We make these connections through communion and communication with each other and with Spirit. We find each other walking in the world, by friends, by books, by music, and even by the internet. Each color of the rainbow and each wave of vibration sings our diversity and we find ways to unite with them. We will ask GrandMother Spider to show us those connections and we will honor those connections through Her and each other. We will weave a web of our diversity and then dance a Maypole in our Unity.
Our Story will sing about how we maintain our connections to each other. We build and rebuild our connection through sharing Our Common Story. We mark our Rites of Passages with our community as we go and change throughout our lives making the thread of our connections stronger. We demonstrate our individual skills and in doing so aid others in finding their own. We will sing our songs and tell our tales, Naming each other and finding ourselves. We will renew our bonds by teaching each other Who We Are and What We Do.
With the Ancestors will walk toward understanding our connections to the past and into the future. We are all connected through the blood that flows within us, back to the First Ones and forward into the Ones to Come. Our knowledge builds on those who taught us and we in turn teach those around us. Our love for those who have Crossed the Veil, feeds the love that we share with each other. We gather to celebrate Life in all of its wonder from Rebirth to Rebirth and the shared experiences that leave us their afterglow. We will give up our sorrows so that we may love more fully, strengthening the Heart that binds us. We will honor the Ancestors so that we may honor Ourselves and Each Other. We will remember our Beloved Dead so that we may see how we are connected to All that Was, Is, and will Be.
We hope that You can Share some or all of this Wheel with us. Tracing Our Spokes as we ride the outer ring and dance into the center, we hope to make strong those connections that bind Us one to the Other. We shall weave our web, sing our stories, and walk with the Ancestors, together.

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